1967 - The authentic light chassis Miura "First series" - matching numbers.

45.600 probably true km. Completely restored.


This Lamborghini Miura P400 is one of the 125 (only) first Miuras, the Gran Tourismo that changed the world of fine Sports automobiles.

This first version is the original masterpiece designed by Gandini, Gian paolo Dallara, as fascinating as in 1966 - when all the International Press celebrated a revoliton in Sports Cars, and when so many famous clients struggled to get one Miura...

Ferruccio Lamborghini, Gian Paolo Dallara, and Marcello Gandini had created the very best, and probably the last true automobile thoroughbred.


This "magical" picture reunites three legends : Colin Chapman (right), founder of Lotus Cars and one of the best engineers in Automotive History,

Jim Clark, double F1 Champion (1963 -65), and the best GT ever made !


Ferruccio Lamborghini and the car which remained the pride and joy of his entire life.

There was something irresistible in driving a Miura on a race track... It was directly inspired by the Ford GT40.

Both cars seen here on the Estoril track, in Portugal.

The car offered for sale is one of the 125 very first Miura - it's actually the 85th built construite in this light chassis series - with a thinner steel gauge, 0.9 mm versus 1.0 mm for later cars - which meant a car lighter than any other version of the Miura, including S and SV.

In our archives, the very first brochure of the Miura first series indicates a weight of only 980 kilos - and a top speed of 300 km/h..maybe optimistic, but not far the truth for this road-legal racer...

A few years later, the Miura "S" claimed 370 HP, but the weight was no 1240 kg and maximum speed was "only" 280 km/h.



Left, the brochure of the very first Miura, right : the Miura S brochure.


The chassis of the LP400 on the original brochure, and (right) at the Torino 1965 Motor Show. Note the wire wheels.

The old-fashioned looks of other cars in the background highlights the earthquake effect of the Miura in 1965.

Even without its bodywork, this car was a league ahead of other GT with front engines.

Note the light grey colour of the suspension elements..

Bertone could be proud of Marcello Gandini's design for Lambohghini. The best names created the most iconic sports car ever.


The later Miura (heavier chassis) was then built in 350 more copies . There was 140 S and then 150 SV. The first series remains the rarest Miura of all versions, and is now sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts.

No air-conditionning, no power windows, and no compromise to lightness, power and performance made the Miura the best Gran Turismo of its era.

This car is perfectly healthy and authentic, with a complete restoration done in the 90s. It belonged for a long time to a respected person in the Automotive world. This Miura is therefore the best opportunity on the market today, combining its value of a symbol of the golden sixties, the fact that it is one of the very first edition of the Miura, and a most reasonable price, made possible by AUTODRIOME's network of collectors, clients and friends - all peopl who are not looking for profit or return on investment, but more keen to share their passion and enthusiasm with other people.


Suspension and all mechanical components (right picture, transmission, with clutch dismantled) are in excellent condition.

PRICE: [Please call].

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