M O N T E   C A R L O     C E N T E N A I R E      1 9 9 0



Few enthusiasts know it, and yet... This Monte Carlo is quite simply the first road supercar with a carbon fiber chassis-shell, before all the others.

* First road-going supercar with carbon fiber chassis-shell


* Official partnership with Lamborghini


* Twelve cylinders Lamborghini engine


*Potentially eligible for Le Mans Classic (and prestigious competitions or concourses -Pebble Beach or Villa d'Este)


In 1990, a team led by Carlo Chiti (ex-Ferrari and Autodelta) and Fulvio Ballabio (single-seater and prototype driver) introduced the world's first GT with a carbon shell, powered by a Lamborghini V12, as part of an official partnership , it is technically ahead of the contemporary tubular chassis Ferrari F40. Two cars entered the 1993 24 Hours of Le Mans, in preliminary tests in April, one of them was clocked at 354 km/h in the Hunaudières. Unfortunately, for reasons unrelated to sport, the team will ultimately not enter the cars in the race.



Monte-Carlo Automobile was founded in 1985. The entire team comes from competition: the technical director is nothing less than the legendary Carlo Chiti, ex-Chief Engineer of Ferrari and Autodelta, we also find the pioneer of fiber carbon Guglielmo Bellasi (who created the Bellasi F1 driven by Silvio Moser), Marcel Zunnino, ex-AGS (F2/F1 manufacturer), and Pierluigi Corbari, former Sporting Director of Alfa Romeo...The team is led by Fulvio -Maria Ballabio, single-seater driver (F3, F2, F3000, Indy) prototypes (Le Mans) and motorboating champion. The company was born well, it received the support of the Prince of Monaco.

Almost unknown to the general public, Monte-Carlo Automobile not only displays a pedigree worthy of the great prestigious brands, but its first car equals or surpasses the best references of its time on many levels.

The M.C.A. Centenary, in the Lamborghini Factory, at the time.

This Centenaire is the very first built, eligible for the most important Classic competitions (such as Le Mans Classic), and prestigious Competitions (Pebble Beach, Villa d'Este).

A Lamborghini twelve-cylinder engine, a carbon chassis, extraordinary performance, and a special privilege, comparable to no other: access to the world of unique or extremely rare automobiles, innovative prototypes or style studies, these are the jewels of the greatest collections.

The opportunities to acquire one of these automobiles of great historical value are very exceptional.


M O N T E   C A R L O     C E N T E N A I R E      1 9 9 0

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